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Discover endless fun at Confetti Fun Center's Open Play! For just $15 per child, gain all-day access to a world of adventure and excitement in New Springfield, OH. Our family-friendly venue features the enchanting Toddler Town, an exhilarating bouncer, an imaginative Blue Room, mini golf, challenging ninja courses, an expansive play structure, and thrilling climbing walls. Perfect for kids seeking adventure and parents valuing safety and creativity, our open-play option offers unlimited joy during our normal business hours. Experience the ultimate day out for families looking for indoor playgrounds, climbing fun, and interactive games—all in one place!

Welcome to Confetti Fun Center, the ultimate destination for kids and families looking for a week jam-packed with excitement and adventures! Our specially-themed days are tailored to offer something unique and memorable for everyone. From the tiniest toddlers to the most adventurous pre-teens, we have a day dedicated just for you!

10 am to 2 pm

Toddler Tuesdays - Only $10 Admission

Toddler Tuesdays at Confetti Fun Center are designed with our littlest guests in mind. For just $10, toddlers (5 and under) can explore our safe and vibrant play areas, engage in activities that stimulate their imagination and physical skills, and make new friends. It's a perfect day for parents and toddlers to bond and have fun in a toddler-friendly environment.

Wild Character Wednesdays - $15 Admission 

Middle of the week blues? Not at Confetti Fun Center! Wild Wednesdays are here to add a splash of excitement with a special feature - character meet and greets! For $15, you get access to all our fabulous play areas and activities. Don't miss the chance to meet and take photos with beloved characters from popular kids' shows.

Thursdays - Entry is $15

Open play 10 am to 2 pm

Funtastic Fridays - $15

End your week on a high note with Funtastic Fridays at Confetti Fun Center! 10 am to 2 pm then come back 5 pm to 10 pm to play again

🎉✨ **Hours** ✨🎉

We're thrilled to share our Open Play Walk-In Hours! Join us for unforgettable fun and play at the best times for you and your family:

- **Sunday**: 12 PM - 7 PM

- **Monday**: Closed 🚫 available for private bookings & field trips

- **Tuesday - Friday**: 10 AM - 2 PM

- **Friday Evening**: 5 PM - 10 PM 🌟

- **Saturday**: 12 PM - 9 PM

🌙 *Stay tuned!* We're finalizing our evening weeknight hours to bring you more fun times! Details coming soon.

Join Us at Confetti Fun Center!

Open Play

Open Play
Open Play
Open Play

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